Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Projected Math Syllabus 2015-2016

Content plan is subject to change but this is a rough outline of our math syllabus for the course of this 2015-2016 school-year.

ALERT: Things/ subject matter and content progression may move around as deemed necessary by teacher at any time depending on needs of students within class.

First trimester:
Chapter 1: Place-Value and Number Sense up to billions (Common Core Standards 5.NBT.1; 5.NBT.2; 5.NBT.3a; 5.NBT.3b; 5.NBT.4).  Includes concepts of estimation, place-value, number sense, review of addition and subtraction rules)

Chapters 2 and 3: Multiplication and Division (CCS5.OA.1; 5.OA.2; 5.NBT.2; 5.NBT.5; 5.NBT.7; 5.NBT.6)
Includes concepts of patterns of multiplication, estimation of products, multiplying for 3 and 4 digit numbers; double digit divisors; larger number division; and order of operations for algebraic focus)

Chapter 4: Number Theory and Fractions (CCS5.NF.2).  Includes concepts of factors, prime, and composite numbers; greatest common factor and least common multiple; fraction sense; reducing/ simplifying fractions to lowest terms; mixed numbers; comparing and ordering fractions

Chapter 5: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions (CCS5.NF.2; 5.NF.2).  Includes concepts of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators; renaming addition and subtraction sums and differences; subtracting and adding mixed numbers.

Second trimester:
Chapter 6: Multiplication and Division of Fractions (CCS5.NF.4a; 5.NF.4b; 5.NF.6; 5.NF.7b; 5.NF.7c).  Includes concepts of multiplying fractions by whole numbers, mixed numbers, and fractions; dividing fractions by whole numbers, mixed numbers, and fractions.

Chapters 8-9: Decimals (CCS:5.NBT.1; 5.NBT.2; 5.NBT.3a; 5.NBT.7).  Includes concepts of decimal sense, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

Chapter 10: Geometry (CCS 5.G.3). Includes concepts of angles, polygons, congruent and similar figures; quadrilaterals; perimeter; circles; transformations and tessellations.

Chapter 12: Metric Measurement, Area, and Volume (CCS5.MD.1; 5.NF.4b; 5.MD.4; 5.MD.3a; 5.MD.3b; 5.MD.5a; 5.MD.5b; 5.MD.5c).  Includes concepts of metric units of length, capacity, and mass; areas of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and triangles; solid figures; surface area; cubic measure; volume; line plots.

Chapter 11: Measurement (CCS:5.MD.1). Includes concepts of capacity; weight; temperature; time

Chapter 14: Algebraic Concepts (CCS:5.OA.1; 5.OA.2; 5.OA.3; 5.G.1; 5.G.2). Includes concepts of properties of equalities; equations; integers; coordinate planes and graphs; sequences and functions.

Chapter 13: Ratio, Proportion, and Percents.  Includes concepts of proportions; scale and maps; relation of fractions and decimals to percents.

Chapter 7: Probability and Statistics (CCS:5.MD.2).  Includes concepts of probability; independent and dependent events; range, median, mean, and mode; line plots; histograms; line and circle graphs.